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B & D Independence Transfer Seats

B & D transfer seat base is designed for lowered minivans and is available for both driver and passenger sides. The 6-Way Transfer Seat moves forward and back, raises up and down, and swivels.

180 Degree Swivel: Allows rotation of the seat 180 degrees, so that the user has greater flexibility in how they transfer into and out of the seat.

Trim Package: A set of three covers that match the OEM interior of your vehicle. Providing OEM aesthetic quality and made with ABS material, these covers keep the moving mechanisms of the base concealed and protected. (Available on model L51 only.)

Hand Held Pendant: Our standard Easy Access switchbox with an extended harness and shorter switches, provides the user with increased range of where they place their controller.

Extended Travel: Certain transfer seat base models for the minivan can be extended four inches. Speak with your Dealer to see if your vehicle may qualify for this option.